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AWARE Women's Leadership Program ~ Corporate

The purpose of the AWARE Women's Leadership Program is to help organizations experience the cultural and financial benefits of having women in senior leadership roles by preventing the leakages and blocks in the female leadership pipeline. Our vision is that, through this program, high potential women will be able to more effectively navigate the challenges of the leadership pipeline, ultimately becoming more authentic, resilient, and empathic leaders who demonstrate clear benefits to their organizations. The AWARE Women's Leadership Program focuses on three areas:

  • Leading Self with Authenticity
  • Leading Others with Empathy
  • Leading Change with Resilience

As a result of participating in this program, women will achieve the following four goals:

  • Identify and manage behavior that can support or derail leadership
  • Strengthen leadership networks
  • Increase effectiveness in negotiation and conflict management
  • Lead change through communicating vision and strategic thinking

The major elements of the program design are displayed below, and you can download a white paper on the program by completing the form at the bottom of the page. The program may be customized to meet your organizational needs. If your organization is interested in partnering with me to offer this program, please contact me at or 325-864-1209.


AWARE Women's Leadership Strategy Map

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AWARE Women's Leadership Program Design

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