I've had the opportunity to work with leaders and teams from the following organizations:




Dr. Stephen Johnson, Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer, Abilene Christian University - Dallas Campus

It's my privilege to speak to Dr. Goff's work consulting with Abilene Christian University's Dallas Campus. It was important for us to spend some focused and extended time across all divisions of our campus around organizational culture. Jaime conducted a thorough assessment consisting of both focus groups and surveys, provided a comprehensive report on the findings and facilitated two leadership team retreats to assist our team in identifying priorities and a strategy moving forward. Her work contributed to significant shifts in how we go about our work together and these shifts are producing great results.  In addition, I found it extremely helpful to pair Dr. Goff's work on organizational culture with personal executive coaching. This allowed me to attend to my own personal leadership development as we were working through the process to understand and tend to our collective organizational culture. Dr. Goff is competent, thorough, and insightful. Her grasp of systems equips her to asks the right questions leading to insight and discovery for the individual and the organization. Higher Education is a challenging industry and Higher Education institutions are complex. I'm grateful for her work with our campus.

Over the past 15 years, I have trained hundreds of executive coaches, and I can honestly say that Jaime is one of the best that I have encountered. She has the ability to get to the heart of an issue, yet do so in a supportive and compassionate manner. In her coaching practice, her knowledge of coaching comes together in a very powerful way with her years of practice as a professional counselor. If you are looking for a coach, trusted confidante, and advisor who can guide you in your developmental journey, then I can think of no better person you could to to than Dr. Jaime Goff.
— Dr. Robert Barner, Master Coach, Author, and Associate Professor of Clinical Services at Southern Methodist University
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Dr. Sara Salkil, Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Abilene Christian University

"As I began my first job in administration, Jaime's coaching was invaluable. She encouraged me to balance my institutional knowledge and leadership style with the daily demands of my work. She was attuned to the gendered messages in the workplace and helped me strategize about my long-term goals. She helped me recognize that empathy can be a touchstone of effective leadership."

Jaime doesn’t just talk about effective leadership. She IS an effective leader. I know a thing or two about leader effectiveness, having been involved in leader development programs for several years, besides having seen all sorts of leaders in action over my 35+ years as a professional. Jaime is the real deal. Working with her over the last year, I’ve become a more authentic and effective leader because of her insight and example.
— Dr. Peter Williams, Professor, Abilene Christian Univerity
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Ramona Baucham, Magnet Coordinator, Baylor Scott & White All Saints

"Dr. Goff's program has given me a world of insight into the benefits and challenges of my role as a woman in today's workforce. I have gained higher levels of knowledge regarding how to overcome some of the barriers in difficult working environments. Most importantly, I have been provided the opportunity to recognize both weaknesses and strengths which can hinder or contribute to my ability to successfully navigate the leadership of those within my own sphere of influence. The women's leadership program has been a key factor in allowing me to assess my current reality while actively working towards an inspiring vision of the future."

Dr. Goff offered clear insights into the complexity of emotional life for people working in high stressed, people oriented jobs and offered realistic strategies for engaging others empathetically while maintaining healthy boundaries. Dr. Goff’s teaching and coaching style is engaging, insightful, and relevant. She obviously cares deeply about the subjects she knows and has a real desire to help people come to clearer understandings of complex issues in ways that leave them with effective strategies.
— Aaron Metcalf, Paster, Westside church of Christ
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Dr. ben Ries, Associate Dean for Vocational Formation, Abilene Christian University

"Few things have been more formational for my own identity and capacity to self-reflect than the session I attended with Dr. Goff. Her thoughtful, vulnerable, and insightful ability to lead a conversation which addressed our core attachments, pathologies, and ability to differentiate has made me more aware of the waysI relate to (and treat) my spouse, children, colleagues, and friends. I could not recommend her more highly."

You are absolutely gifted and amazing! Thank you so much for allowing me to sit in on the interpersonal workshop last Friday. After the session ended, I felt like I could conquer the world. The session gave me a different awareness and perspective. It increased my empathy for those I work for and with daily. Dr. Goff, words cannot express my appreciation for the work you are currently doing. It is necessary for the current day and time when everyone is desensitized.
— Clarice Mastin, Workforce Development Specialist, Metrocrest Services
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Annie Dutton, Owner, Impacting Paradigms

"One of the biggest gains for me from participating in Jaime's program has been in being able to understand how the brain influences behavior in order to be more effective at processing my perspective as well as the perspectives of others. It has improved my personal effectiveness. And I have loved being able to sit at the table with other women where I can be candid and vulnerable about situations at work and get insight back from them."