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The Empathic Leader, LLC ~ Understanding Emotion to Achieve Success

Leadership Development Programs


I am available to provide leadership development programs for your company, organization, educational institution, or faith community. Choose one of the programs below or work with me to develop a custom program to meet the needs of your organization. Programs can be accommodated to your schedule and offered in a variety of formats. Contact me to discuss your options and preferences. 

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AWARE Women's Leadership Program

The purpose of the AWARE Women’s Leadership Program is to Advance Women to be Authentic, Resilient, and Empathic (AWARE) leaders. There are two versions of the AWARE program ~ one that is designed to be offered internally in partnership with an organization and one that is offered independently for women who wish to invest in their own development. The program, built on best practices research in women's leadership development, provides valuable education, peer networking and accountability, and one-on-one leadership coaching. 

As a result of participating in this program, women will:

  • Identify and embrace their Authentic leadership identity and purpose
  • Become more Resilient through receiving 360 feedback, enhancing their leadership networks, and applying important leadership skills
  • Increase their capacity for Empathic leadership by becoming aware of their own and others' emotional landscapes

For more information on the corporate version of the AWARE program, click here. If you are interested in registering for the upcoming cohort of the independent program, click here for more information.





Women in leadership webinar series

This series of six one-hour interactive webinars focuses on strengthening women's leadership skills and creating work environments in which they can excel. The webinar topics include the following and can also be provided independently:

  • The Impact of Brain Differences on Leadership Style

  • Strategies for Running Effective Meetings

  • Navigating Conflict Resolution

  • Improving Leadership Communication

  • Characteristics of Successful Female Leaders

  • Retaining High Potential Female Leaders


Eliminating bias in performance management

Research has repeatedly indicated that women receive performance feedback that is based on differential standards and double binds; is sometimes patronizing and protective; and is vague and not tied to specific business outcomes. Are your managers and supervisors giving biased, unhelpful feedback to their direct reports? We tend to engage in the same behavioral patterns we see modeled by those above us in the organizational hierarchy. If your organization hasn't been intentional about addressing the issue of bias, it's likely creeping into your performance management process. Your leaders may believe they are giving helpful feedback but have noticed the women who work for them aren’t advancing and don’t seem to make behavioral changes based on the feedback they've provided. The purpose of this workshop is to help managers and supervisors, as those responsible for evaluating the performance of direct reports, to provide more helpful, challenging, and unbiased feedback to the women who report to them. It’s never too late to do better! Not only will working to improve feedback in the organization help your employees grow and advance, but the organization will also benefit from the prestige that accompanies leaders who have high-performing direct reports.

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Lumina spark

A Customized Lumina Spark Workshop

Build a more effective team by understanding differences in how each team member engages four different personality archetypes: commanding, inspiring, empowering, and conscientious. Built on Carl Jung's archetype model and the Big 5 personality theory, the Spark measures four archetypes, eight aspects, and 24 behavioral qualities associated with your personality. Additionally, you will discover how your underlying, everyday, and overextended personas show up (or don't!) in your work environment. During the Lumina Spark workshop, you will identify your own strengths and growth areas and create a growth plan. Your team will learn the value of diversity by considering how they can capitalize on the strengths of each individual. This video includes a few clips from a customized Lumina Spark Workshop.


Lumina leader

The Lumina Leader measures four distinct styles of leadership ~ leading with vision, leading with drive, leading to deliver, and leading through people. Each of these leadership domains is supported by four leadership qualities. Learn about your dominant leadership domain and the leadership behaviors you display when you're at your best and when you're under stress. The assessment can be completed as a self-assessment or, for an even more comprehensive portrait of your leadership style, as a 360 with feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reports. During the Lumina Leader workshop, I work with leaders to identify their leadership strengths and growth areas; to build a leadership development plan; and to increase appreciation for the necessity of diverse leadership styles in their organization.

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Lumina emotion

The Lumina Emotion is a personalized emotional intelligence assessment of eight emotional sparks and reactors as well as 16 emotional qualities. Your results will provide you with a snapshot of your overall effectiveness at Being Self-Aware, Being Aware of Others, Managing Emotions, and Taking Meaningful Action. You will gain understanding of your inner thoughts, feelings, and preferences, your patterns of everyday behavior as influenced by your emotional intelligence, and possible emotional derailers. In the Lumina Emotion workshop, you will explore your emotional strengths and weak spots; explore your emotional flexibility; and learn how to more effectively use your emotions to guide you in solving problems and overcoming challenges. 

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The essential leadership toolkit for high potential women

This online course is designed for emerging female leaders who have great leadership potential but lack some of the basic leadership skills. The six modules of the course cover the following topics:

  • Course Introduction

  • Leading Effective Meetings

  • Leadership Communication

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Advocating for Yourself

    In addition to several video mini-lectures accompanying each module, the course also provides participants with downloadable PDF guides to help them immediately apply what they are learning. The course includes several live Q&A sessions with Dr. Goff. The Essential Leadership Toolkit for High Potential Women can be customized to meet the needs of emerging female leaders in your organization and can be offered on your organization’s learning management system.


From the cradle to the boardroom

Have you ever wondered how your earliest experiences may have an impact on who you are as a leader? This workshop provides an overview of attachment styles and how they inform how we behave as both a leader and a follower.


The Neuroscience of healthy relationships

This three-session training program helps participants become more effective leaders by providing an overview of how our brains work in relationship to each other.

  • Session 1: The Relational Brain

  • Session 2: Memory and Relationships

  • Session 3: Neuroscience and the Life of Your Organization


Grit and resilience in the workplace

Are you a gritty person? Do you embrace risks and challenges as an opportunity to learn, or do you try to avoid failure at all costs? In this workshop, we will identify the mental, emotional, and behavioral characteristics of grit and resilience and learn strategies for developing grit, courage, and resilience in your personal and professional life. 

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Systems-sensitive leadership

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? If your response to this question goes along the lines of, "Well, the chicken and the egg are mutually influential, and it's impossible to identify a deterministic starting point. You also have to consider the role of evolution, whether natural or artificial insemination was used, and the role of proteins and molecular processes...," then you are likely already a systems thinker! In this workshop, we'll examine the differences between traditional linear thinking and problem-solving and systems thinking. We'll also discuss strategies for strengthening your systems thinking and begin to apply them to your leadership context.


succession planning for nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit researchers predict a need for over 640,000 new nonprofit executives over the next ten years as long-term CEOs and Executive Directors retire. Unfortunately, however, only 6% of young nonprofit professionals express interest in becoming nonprofit executives. Why? Perceptions of limited compensation and benefits, challenging workloads, and feeling undervalued. Approximately 75% of nonprofit organizations do not have formal succession plans in place, putting their mission and long-term sustainability at risk. In this workshop, you will learn about the challenges and benefits of succession planning for nonprofit organizations. Additionally, you will learn a succession planning framework that will enable your organization to begin the work of insuring the continuation of your mission into the future.


Powerful Storytelling: Using Storytelling to Drive Strategic Results

Storytelling has been identified as an essential leadership skill in all types of businesses - from nonprofit organizations to high-tech companies. Research indicates that storytelling yields a significant return on investment, both for the leader personally and for the achievement of business goals. During this workshop, participants will learn about why storytelling is a compelling way to structure presentations; how to select the most powerful story/presentation content based on the presenter’s goal and the audience’s needs and desires; how to use frameworks such as Minto’s Pyramid and the Hero’s Journey to structure presentations; and how to effectively communicate with an audience, both verbally and nonverbally. The content of this workshop can be covered in one day. If your organization would like participants to apply what they learn through presenting a story to the group and receiving feedback, adding an extra half-day or full day is recommended, depending on the size of your group.