Lumina Spark

The Lumina Spark model of professional development and assessment is the result of years of research, combining expert knowledge with human integrity and building on what works in psychometric assessment for business and eliminating what doesn't. The Lumina framework aids self-understanding and rapport-building in a way that is authentic and practical yet easily customizable to suit your needs and values. Contact me for more information about how Lumina Spark can be used in one-on-one executive coaching or to help your team become more effective. 


Lumina Leader

Lumina Leader is a 360 assessment tool based on the latest leadership theories. It's designed to nurture leadership to its highest level by providing insight into your own leadership style as well as the needs of those you are leading.

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Lumina Emotion

Lumina Emotion examines our ability to understand emotions in ourselves and others and helps us to process and adapt our emotions to guid effective thinking and meaningful behavior.